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Hi, my name is Vít Habada and welcome to my personal site. I’m a programmer and somewhat designer who enjoys writing a beatiful code and spending precious free time watching dumb TV shows. Often simultaneously.

Oh and I like cats.

Who the hell is this guy?

Just a quick overview to get to know me better.

Boobs or ass?Ass! PC or Mac?PC! Coffee or tea?Coffee! Wine or beer?Beer! Star Wars or Star Trek?Star Wars! Theater or a movie?Movie! Hot or cold?Cold!Bath or shower?Shower! Introvert or extrovert?Introvert.. Rock or rap?Rock!Call or text?txt. Saver or spender?Spender! Noise or silence?Silence! (I Kill You!)

What I'm up to

Check if I'm slacking these days or not.

October 2017
Fourth year of college - still working on my Bachelor's thesis (and some stuff..).
Summer 2016
Internship at CERN
October 2015
Third year of college - working on my Bachelor's thesis and stuff..
July 2015
Working at a software company called COEX as a PHP developer.
June 2015
Working at the Laboratory of Mössbauer Spectroscopy as a .NET developer.
May 2014
Working on my individual software project about professors quotations website.
October 2014
Second year of college.
September 2014
Collaborating on TopTrh project as a main programmer.
October 2013
First year of college.